29 May 2008

Last Day of Spring

Image used with permission. Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Author: Robadob2003. Click image to visit source page.
Today is the last day of spring (according to Hob's Calendar), and it is a wonderful way to end spring - cool weather, slightly overcast, with mild rain. It's actually been raining for days, and the garden couldn't be happier. The foxgloves are tall and lush, and the irises are just opening: great, dark purple and blue irises.

I do hope you've had a chance to enjoy a strawberry or two (or twenty, or fifty, or...), and enjoy and armload of flowers. May is one of my favorites months to pick up and re-read The Hobbit; if you haven't started reading The Hobbit yet, it's not too late to start! Glorious, apple-green and sky-blue May - I'm always sad to see May come to an end - it really is the sum and total essence of spring in my mind.


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