30 January 2008

Hob's Calendar

For many years now, Mrs. Meadows and I have respected our version of the calendar of Rivendell. Tolkien himself notes that the hobbits had a tendency to use the King's Calendar (which was based on the elves' calendar) in a way that suited their needs.

Well, I thought it might be proper to share our version of the calendar. It's not canonical, it's not meant to be, but it does a fair amount of good describing our local seasons.

April 5: (yestarë)
Mid-spring, start of the year.

April 6-May 29: (tuilë)
Late spring, time to plant!

May 30-Aug 9: (lairë)

Aug 10-Oct 2: (yávië)
Early fall, harvest-tide.

Oct 3-Oct 5: (enderi, "middle days")
Mid-autumn celebration.
The season truly changes.

Oct 6-Nov 29: (quellë)
Late autumn, cold weather comes.

Nov 30-Feb 9: (hrívë)

Feb 10-April 3: (coirë)
Early spring, nature wakes up!

April 4: (mettarë)
Year's end, mid-spring.
The season truly changes.

We don't use the fancy elvish terms for the seasons, we usually just say "elf-spring" or "hobbit summer" or something like. But as I said, for our little part in the world, it seems to work just fine.

(P.S. - I bring this up because the start of "elf spring" or "early spring" is less than two weeks away! Huzzah!)

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