22 June 2008

20th June:
Midsummer's Eve

The moon was shining in a broad silver crescent. He held up the map and the white light shone through it. "What is this?" she said. "There are moon-letters here, beside the plain runes which say 'five feet high the door and three may walk abreast.' "

"Moon-letters are rune-letters, but you cannot see them," said Elrond, "not when you look straight at them. They can only be seen when the moon shines behind them, and what is more, with the most cunning sort it must be a moon of the same shape and season as the day when they were written. The dwarves invented them and wrote them with silver pens, as your friends could tell you. These must have been written on a midsummer's eve in a cresent moon, a long while ago."

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Now it is a strange thing...

"Now it is a strange thing, but things that are good to have and days that are good to spend are soon told about, and not much to listen to" - how true! I hope you've been having a merry June; Mrs. Meadows and I have been! And as Mr. Tolkien says, our happy adventures would not be much to listen to.

07 June 2008

Music in Rivendell

Music is such an essential part of The Hobbit -- and such a highly personal part of reading and enjoying The Hobbit. I feel I would be remiss if I didn't share some of my favorite music.

Judith Pintar is an amazing harpist - her album Changes Like the Moon is one of my all-time favorites. Very appropriate for Rivendell (in Hob's esteemed opinion).


05 June 2008

4th June:
O! Where Are You Going?


O! What are you doing,
And where are you going?
Your ponies need shoeing!
The river is flowing!
O! tra-la-la-lally
here down in the valley!

O! Where are you going
With beards all a-wagging?
No knowing, no knowing
What brings Mister Baggins,
And Balin and Dwalin
down into the valley
in June
ha! ha!

O! Will you be staying,
Or will you be flying?
Your ponies are straying!
The daylight is dying!

To fly would be folly,
To stay would be jolly
And listen and hark
Till the end of the dark
to our tune
ha! ha!

On 4th June, the Company finally reaches Rivendell! A time for rest, healing, music, song, stories, good company, friendship, and all things pleasant!