25 March 2008

Still More Mushrooms...

...but then this is it for posts about mushrooms, at least for a while. My project is finished, and A Hobbit's Holiday is no longer on holiday!

These wonderful mushroom images are enamels - hailed as The World's Most Wonderful Enamels - from Wm Spear Design.

From the website:
Haven't ever had any formal training, but have always drawn and painted. Became fascinated with the pins because I felt that the ancient art of enameling was being debased by a bunch of yahoos sending a picture cut out of a newspaper to China and having pins made for their fast food franchises. Felt that if the pins were designed as pins, with the strengths and weaknesses of the medium in mind, and putting a bit more effort into the quality, they could be very wonderful items at a reasonable price. I was right. They were and are.

They are indeed wonderful - there is a degree of detail that I've never seen in any other enameled work. They absolutely glow in the light. Link to Mushroom Page.

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