18 March 2008

Hob's To Do List:
Eat More Mushrooms!


Golden Chanterelle
David Arora recommends making a cream of chanterelle soup, using any basic cream of mushroom soup recipe. I've actually had cream of potato and leek soup that included chanterelles ~ it was pure hobbit heaven! You could tell it was a special dish because the aroma was different - richer, somehow deeper and more fragrant.

Porcini (King Bolete)
A summer favorite with garlic, cheese, and crusty bread (although I've only ever had them dried). I have happy visions of roasting some fresh porcini mushrooms over an open fire... We'll see how the summer goes; it's definitely on the official to do list.

Horn of Plenty
Described as the most flavorful of the chanterelles, but also one of the toughest, requiring prolonged, gentle cooking. Because it cooks up black, it's recommended for things like omelettes, sandwiches, pizzas, etc. I've never tried this mushroom, even though it's said to be common for my part of the world.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the images; thanks to David Arora's guidebook, All That The Rain Promises, and More...


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