06 March 2008

A Hobbit On Holiday

Dear guests,

Your friend, Hob Meadows, hates to be a rude host, but alas... I find myself unable to update this site for a few weeks. (It's a busy time in the Shire, let's just leave it at that.) But "A Hobbit's Holiday" is not abandoned, not under construction, and certainly not on indefinite leave!

Truth is, I'm working on a project that takes up all of my time, and will be completed on March 21. I expect to start working on "A Hobbit's Holiday" as soon as this project is completed (and who knows, maybe I'll be able to sneak in a post or two between then).

Thanks so much for being the understanding guests I've come to know and appreciate.

Cheers for a happy spring!



Mr. Sean said...

I used to read the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring over & over again because i loved the folked out existence of the Hobbits & the whole trip out of the Shire to Bree. Made me feel very much at home.

Hob said...

I know what you mean. I still read The Hobbit on average about four times a year. I have several editions; my "go to" edition is a mass-market paperback that I've laminated with acid free library tape. It's easy to carry around, toss into the laundry basket on laundry day, or put it my back pocket if I think I'm going to be waiting around somewhere.

Thanks for the comments!