24 February 2008

Eccles Cakes

After hearing about them for years, Mrs. Meadows and I finally found a local shop that sells Eccles Cakes! (This may be laughable for our friends across the water, but in our little nook of the woods, it's a rare treat.) We bought a packet yesterday afternoon on our way to a public garden.

Eccles cakes are small, rather like flaky buttermilk biscuits in appearance (though flatter), and filled with currants. I enjoyed one this morning slightly warmed, and with saskatoon jelly on the side. Utter bliss. I know for sure that Bilbo kept a secret stash in his larder.

The cakes are named after the village of Eccles, in Salford. Here is a nice, informative link, courtesy of Salford (and with a recipe, too - I think I have my plans for next Sunday afternoon).

Or you can purchase real Lancashire Eccles cakes online. (This company has the lowest shipping costs I've seen, so far.)


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