30 January 2008

Urban Hobbitry

In my part of the world, winter has clamped down with snow and ice. Now, there are many ways to enjoy a home-bound day when the weather gives you pause to travel. And one of the nicest is to sit down with a garden or seed catalog, and if you've got a garden, plan it; and if you haven't a garden, then plan a game of "urban hobbitry."

"Urban hobbitry" is the practice of tossing native wildflower seeds into marginal areas: vacant lots, alongside irrigation canals, on the banks of urban streams and creeks. These areas are usually teeming with some kind of plant life (grass, usually, and perhaps a dandelion or two), there are usually critters around - why not support and enhance the diversity of the area with some native wildflowers? The critters love them; some birds and bess really depend on them; and you can never have too much natural beauty in these marginal, disturbed plots.

Baby Blue Eyes

If you're interested in distributing a mixed variety of seeds, Victory Heirloom Seeds has a very nice selection of regional wildflower mixes.

Or, if you'd like to concentrate on just one type of wildflower, American Meadows let's you buy wildflower seed by the pound.

Happy hobbiting!

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