14 June 2011

Watch It Now!
Wild Balkans

Mrs. Meadows and I watched an interesting program on PBS this morning: "Wild Balkans", which is part of the Nature series. It is a documentary of (mostly) untouched wilderness areas - places where humans either cannot go, or live in harmony with the land.

So how is this at all Hobbit related? Well, according to the official description, "ancient forests and vast wetlands harbor pristine wilderness, and sheer cliff walls and desolate plateaus preserve a seemingly unchanged past. Surveying these striking and stark landscapes, one might think they’ve ventured into the Middle-earth of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings."

The program is narrated with Tolkien's work in mind, with comments on how wood elves would live near the Adriatic Sea, and hobbits would live in the Steppes. It was a fun, and beautiful program. And perhaps best of all, you can watch the entire show for free! Click here to visit the official site.

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