09 February 2008

The Harps of Lorien

(c) John Howe
"Now for some music!" said Thorin. "Bring out the instruments!"

It's quite possible that my life-long fascination and love for harps and other stringed instruments has its root in Chapter one, "An Unexpected Party." Thank goodness I'm not the only person to relate a love of harps with a love of Middle Earth.

Harps of Lorien is "a co-operative business with a mission to provide quality hand-crafted instruments for healing. These instruments are blessed and prayed over in the making, sanding, and finishing. It is in this phase that the beauty and grain of the wood comes alive and finds its voice; and are inscribed with mantras and prayers for peace."


My favorites are the pentatonic children's harps. They even have a kit for you to build your own "kinder lyre"... hmmm... build your own lyre... why does that sound so familiar...?

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