06 January 2008


After reading my "best jams" review, Mrs. Meadows brought home a jar of cloudberry jam (from Hafi) for us to try. Cloudberries are sub-Arctic, mountain-loving plants, and the fruit are golden colored.

The jam itself is not smooth; the berries have pleasantly crunchy seeds, quite larger than you'd find in blackberry preserves (but much smaller than pomegranate). Now regarding the flavour: overwhelmingly honey-flavoured! If you've ever enjoy fresh, raw honeycomb, then you already know what to expect.

There are subtle aftertastes. I couldn't quite identify them; I called it "fruity" and let it go. Mrs. Meadows said there are notes of apricot and very, very mild raspberry; her estimation was "floral" instead of "fruity", and I'd have to agree with that.

It is an enjoyable jam, and I'd recommend it highly.

Happy picnicking!

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