17 December 2007

Meditations from Durin's Day

Well, an interesting dwarvish New Year has begun (for me, anyway).

12th December was very cold and foggy ~ a blue fog, that colors everything in greyish tones. Not the best of mornings to wake to! However, I was greeted by two magnificent crows, sitting on a post outside. One flew off, but one stayed and nodded at me. Very nice.

Not much happened on this day. Heavy clouds obscured the sky until late afternoon, but at last I was able to see both moon and sun in the same sky. Just in the west, the sun was almost behind the mountains, and the moon was perhaps three hands behind it. I've had very strong dreams since ~ strange, since I don't often remember my dreams, but very welcome.

Hope your Durin's Day was illuminating and wonderful!

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